Gunilla Allard
Architect SIR/Set Designers/Designer
Born 1957

1983-1988 University College of Arts, Interior Architecture and Furnite Design.
1985 RoyalAcademy of Art, Copenhagen
Guest student at the Institute of Visual Communication

Engagement (selection):
1988- Lammhults (furniture)
1990 Marbodal (kitchen interiors)
1999 Kasthall Mattor & Golv, 8 Visions of rugs
1999 Zero (lighting)2000 Orrefors (glass)

Prizes/Awards (selection):
1988 Member of Lammhults workshop
1990 Dagens Nyheters design choice for stool "Piano" for Lammhults
1991 Excellent Swedish Form for sofa "Cirkus" for Lammhults
1992 Excellent Swedish Form for cabinet "Cabinet" for Lammhults
1994 "The Robert" from the Danish Film Academy for the best stage designer (film Sort Höst)
1995 Excellent Swedish Form Design Prize for easy chair/sofa "Cinema" for Lammhults
1996 The Georg Jensen Prize
1999 Excellent Swedish Form for easy chair/sofa "Chicago" for Lammhults
2000 Bruno Mathsson Prize
2000 Blueprint 100% Design Prize for chair "Cosmos" for Lammhults
2000 Excellent Swedish Form Design Prize for chair "Cosmos" for Lammhults
2001 SIR (Swedish Interior Architects) "Golden chair" for chair "Cosmos" for Lammhults

The National Museum of Fine Art, Stockholm
The Röhsska Museum of Arts and Crafts, Gothenburg

Separate exhibitions:
2000 Gunilla Allard Collection at Coexistence, London, England
2001 Gunilla Allard, furniture designer, Swedish Museum of Architecture, Stockholm
2001 Swedish Style in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2002 Gunilla Allard Collection at Paustian, Århus, Denmark

Film productions (selection):
1981 "Ingenjör Adrées Luftfärd" by Jan Troell (Ass. Art Director)
1982 "Fanny och Alexander" by Ingmar Bergman (Property Master)
1992 "Sort Höst" by Anders Refn (Art Director)
1994 "Alfred Nobel" by Vilgot Sjöman (Art Director)
1996 "Glasblåsarns barn" by Anders Grönros (glass design)
2000 "Rendez-vous" by Ivan Mathias Petersson (Art Director)

Products for Lammhults:
1988 "Cabinet" cabinet
1989 "Cirkus" sofa
1989 "Piano" stool
1989 "Espresso" table
1994 "Cinema" easy chair/sofa/stool
1995 "Cinema" table
1997 "Casino" easy chair/sofa
1998 "Chicago" easy chair/sofa
1999 "Chicago I, II, III" trolleys
1999 "Cargo" trolley
1999 "Cinema Sport" armchair
2000 "Cinema Sport" table
2000 "Cosmos" chair
2001 "Saturn" table
2003 "Cooper" easy chair

The Georg Jensen Prize 1996, the jury's statement:

"The interior decorator and furniture designer Gunilla Allard has been awarded this year's Georg Jensen Prize for her strict, minimalistic and elegant design. The proportions and details of her furniture reveal a genuine sense of quality".


The Excellent Swedish Form Design Prize 2000 for chair "Cosmos" for Lammhults, the jury's statement:

"One of this year's Design Prizes is awarded to Cosmos - an elegant and lightweight stackable and linkable chair. Well-designed and with a minimal use of materials, it has a low-key but still distinct look. The wide variety of upholstery fabric gives a lot of choice; the back upholstered with double netting upholstery creates an exciting moiré effect. The chair was designed and produced for the library in Linköping, but is now in the company's general collection. A chair that will certainly stand being looked at for many years to come."

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