Professor Björn Weckström, Finnish sculptor and jewellery designer, has worked for Lapponia Jewelry since 1963. The gold nuggets Björn Weckström found in Lapland in the early 1960s were the start of an entirely new jewellery design, a design inspired by nature. A forerunner in his field, the artist breaks the traditional concepts of jewellery design by boldly combining different materials.
  The artist considers the brilliance of gold on the surface of a piece of jewellery as somewhat artificial. His creations seek to liberate gold from this cold brilliance and to replace it with the warm matt glow characteristic of genuine gold. His collection of silver jewellery is also of major importance in freeing jewellery design from its traditional forms. Weckström perceives gold as having a dramatic and charged character, whereas silver is cool, the material of soft, tranquil design.
  For Björn Weckström, a piece of jewellery is a miniature sculpture with a human background. As a sculptor he has enhanced the appreciation and respect of jewellery design as an art form in itself. He casts his jewellery models in plaster as three-dimensional forms. This creates the spontaneous element of each item - a freshness that is normally only possible for unique pieces.

Necklace LORD OF INSECTS yellowgold, platinum Ring ADESSO yellowgold, pearls, sapphire
Necklace GIACCO sterlingsilver Ring MASK OF GONDA sterlingsilver

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