(1925 – 1984)

31.10.1925 born in China, son of Finnish missionary.
1945 study of mathematics and physics in Turku and Helsinki (Finland).
1946-50 study of design at the School of Applied Arts in Helsinki.
1950-58 designer at Orno Metalfactories designdepartment. Lamps for hospitals, sanatories, churches and other contracts.
1951-1965 serie of white and transparent acrylic lamps; the table lamp "Modern Art" from 1956 was taken up as an European design-product 1958 to the Museum of Modern Art.
1954, -57 and -60 Nummi’s lamps were honered as innovative designs at the Triennale in Milan.
1959 the 100W/24 main spotlights for the worldexhibition in Brussels. Besides his work as designer Nummi was board member of the company Orno and The Finnish Applied Arts Cooperation and member of the Finnish Lighttechnical Association and was asked to lecture even in Japan (i.e. at the World Design Center 1960).
12.03.1984 Nummi died in Finland.

Sky Flyer

SKY FLYER (design 1960) "Lentävä Lautanen"
Yki Nummi was one of the first designers in Finland to use plastic and acryl as material for lamps. Mainly Nummi worked for contracts and designed lamps for certain specific spaces. The Sky Flyer was especially thought to suit for private homes, too. Due to the material the the light shines through the white acryl at the same time hiding the bulp and providing the light to strike the eye.
Material: white acryl shells, metal chain.
Available in sizes: diameter 70 cm and 50 cm.